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A Forest School that fosters creativity and independence

At Blue Nest Montessori School, we are delighted to bring you the Forest School. Children of all ages can benefit from the 'hands-on learning' opportunities presented in a wonderful woodland environment. Contact our nurseries in Harrow and Pinner for more information.

Forest School Bench

Where children can explore and learn in the outdoors

The Forest School approach to learning in the outdoors is rooted firmly in the key progressive education theorists of the past one hundred and fifty years – from Froebel to Steiner, Vygotsky to Montessori, Dewey to Gardner – all of them put the child at the centre of their own learning; all talk of the importance of children being allowed to explore the world with appropriate support. Forest School encourages children to explore their own innate learning in the richest classroom we have – the outdoors. If you'd like more information about our nursery or preschool policies, contact us today

Forest school outdoor area

The learning process

The Forest School ethos focuses on an approach to learning that maximises the emotional, social and developmental benefits of education. Forest School works with children and young people in the outdoors over a period of time, working with a higher than normal staffing ratio, introducing responsible risk-taking and setting participants up to achieve. Forest School is run by a qualified Forest Leader (level 3), together with other staff that are well-versed in the process.

Forest School outdoor kitchen area

We are dedicated to helping young minds grow

We provide a wonderful environment where children can learn and grow

Email or call the Blue Nest Montessori School to find out more about our admission process.

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