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Montessori nursery in Harrow, Pinner and borehamwood

Blue Nest Montessori School provides a home away from home, where children can learn, develop and grow. If you'd like any information about our prospectus or fee structure, contact us today.

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Maria Montessori

Dr. Maria Montessori was a pioneer in the education of young children and founded the Montessori Method of teaching. She believed that children have sensitive periods for learning. These are the times when the child will be sensitive to a certain type of knowledge and will learn effortlessly.

The Montessori nursery environment is carefully designed to respond to the child’s needs at the early stages and provides maximum opportunity for their development. 

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Give your child a great start to school life

The Montessori philosophy is founded upon the child’s natural curiosity and love of learning with all materials required for learning within their reach. This is a time when teachers allow the children to 'work' at various activities. These activities may be adult-led or the ones that children choose independently from the shelves. These include Montessori equipment and other carefully selected materials from a wide variety of sources. The teachers have a clear understanding of each child’s stage of development, so they will be able to ‘direct’ the child to any particular activity which the teacher feels they need to achieve. This is a time when teachers will show children how to use the Montessori equipment, either on a 1 : 1 basis or in a group, according to the guidance given by the Montessori philosophy. 

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The best nursery I could've chosen for my daughter. She is so happy there. The staff are so caring and thoughtful. I would go there myself if I only could.

Agnieszka G

We provide a wonderful environment where children can learn and grow

Email or call Blue Nest Montessori School to find out more.

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