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From Home to Daycare: A Smooth Transition For You Family

When your children are heading off to daycare, it’s a huge milestone for your family! It marks the beginning of a new adventure for your children, as well as parents! But, the transition to daycare from home can seem a little daunting, and you want to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible. Our blog dives into some key tips you can use to help your children transition into their daycare as easily as possible. Keep reading to learn more! 

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Transitioning To Daycare: Useful Tips

There are many concerns that parents might have about sending their child to daycare, but our tips and tricks can help everyone in your family feel more at ease! 

Preparing Your Children 

Gradually introduce the concept of daycare to your children, by talking about it and even taking them on short visits to the daycare. The most important thing is to be transparent about the daycare routine, whether you are doing half days, full days etc. Your child might be upset, or have questions, so the best thing to do is to listen and be honest. Many children find it comforting to take an item from home with them to nursery, like a cuddly toy or a favourite toy. 

Preparing Yourself

As hard as you might think the transition will be for your child, you may be dealing with your own feelings of anxiety or guilt. It’s important to address your own feelings so that you can support your children and remain positive about their transition to nursery. Research your daycare, and choose one you’re comfortable with, as this will help you settle and feel more secure during the transition. 


Keeping a structured routine at home can help massively with the transition to daycare or nursery. From wake-up times to meal times, keeping things as regular as possible in the lead-up to their first day will help them feel less anxious or worried. By having a routine for breakfast and shower time, they can feel more comfortable knowing that their regular routine is still in place. 

Positive Talk

Although you may be dealing with a range of emotions, remember to always stay positive about daycare around your child. Talking positively about it, and reminding them that it's a happy transition is crucial for helping them feel less anxious or scared. 

Blue Nest Montessori: Play Based Learning & Support 

If you’re looking for the perfect daycare or children’s nursery, Blue Nest Montessori has locations in Pinner, Harrow and Borehamwood. With a range of play based learning methods and personalised care, you can rest assured that your child is in great hands. 

To find out more about our opening times, fees and policies, head to our website, or get in touch with us today to speak to one of our wonderful staff members. 

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