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Forest School and Other Early Childhood Education Centres

Finding the perfect provider can be daunting when considering childcare for your little one. It’s difficult to determine what might be best, whether one-on-one care or a group setting. The one undebatable factor to be considered when choosing childcare is that it should help them develop and grow safely and confidently.


Read on to learn more about three particular childcare environments which will help your child further their development.

Forest school play area

Forest School

Originating in Scandinavia, Forest School has become one of the most popular methods of early childhood education in the UK. The practice focuses on educating children in the outdoors, learning alongside nature. This method is learner-led, meaning your child will learn steadily yet at their own pace.


Forest school takes place in regular sessions, to give your child a full and well-rounded experience of outdoor learning. Within these classes, your child will learn how they can interact with their surroundings, with trained Forest Leaders leading and specialising in holistic learning styles.

Nursery School

The most common type of early childhood education centre is arguably nursery school. Nursery schools can cater to a range of different ages, from newborn to five years old, so provide a consistent and reliable space for them to learn.


Nursery schools are great for helping children adjust to routines, such as mealtimes, which will prepare them for a primary school setting. The social nature of nurseries can help with speech and language development as they learn to communicate their needs to a wider variety of people outside of their families.

Holiday Club

When your child gets to primary school, their day-to-day learning is taken care of. If you’re a working parent, however, it can be difficult to match your working hours to their school ones. Holiday clubs, therefore, can be a huge help.


Held over the school holiday periods, holiday clubs will offer to look after your children while you work. However, a holiday club is more than a simple childcare solution. When your child spends time attending over their holiday period, they can keep developing skills established at school. This includes better socialising, improved physical skills and less screen time.

What We Do

At Blue Nest Montessori Nursery, we offer each of the above education programmes. Our wide range of child-led activities allows us to adapt and support your little one. As experts in the Montessori method, our approach can help your child both develop and hone skills.


We have three buildings, which are spread across North-West London, to make ourselves accessible to your child, no matter where you’re based. To see what our branches look like, feel free to visit our online gallery. We also provide home-learning resources, so you can keep teaching in your own safe space.


Visit our website to learn more about our team and what we can offer. Alternatively, please contact us for further information.

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